The Himalayas have been the land of origin. Life began from here as the history is dated back in time of over thousands of years. Ever since then has been recorded the use of Cannabis as the first humans survived on it, eating the seeds. Also, this magical plant holds great cultural and religious significance and value as even the gods are said to be consuming this mystical plant and so, this is in our DNA as it is deep rooted in the genetics, like the endo-cannabinoid system which is ingrained as a natural system in the structure of the very essence of the creation of our being.

Hence, while exploring back to our roots that are the ancient origins, we are exposed and look forward to sharing this ancient wisdom to bring about the awareness the world needs to get in touch with their true identity as it is far in touch with itself. With all that we have to offer, we bridge the old and the new, the west and the east to embark on a common goal of creating a sustainable and holistic world.

Our team have been researching for over 20 years and we bring to you everything that is possible with Hemp as we believe all is ‘Hempossible’ as we envision to create a world that is inclusive and all sustainable so we are able to offer the most sophisticated technologies to build a future industry preserving the nature with the most interesting innovations that brings hope in the present world.  

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